Elizabeth Patterson Coons

Professional Coach, Leadership Consultant & A Loving Mama, my passion is empowering women to reinvent the relationship with themselves & live their brilliance. Improve their wellbeing and live a toxic-free life. Enjoy healthier relationships at home and at work.


Share your truth. Rewrite your story.

Rewrite your story.

Redefine your relationships.

The story we tell ourselves. The story we tell others. The story we allow others to tell about us.

  • Do you live with a nagging feeling that you are not where you want to be at this point in your life?
  • You don’t feel seen or heard or valued or recognized in the way you long to be?
  • Is there a relationship at home or at work that is sabotaging your happiness?
  • Have you faced a challenge or a setback that derailed your goals?

Sometimes we have no idea what we need to do to make this happen.

Sometimes we know what we need but we don’t know how to get it.

Sometimes we know but fear holds us back.

Sometimes we only dream about it because it seems like an impossibility.

Sometimes it’s how we feel about ourselves…not worthy, not capable, not competent, not ready.

Whatever the cause, it doesn’t have to stay this way.

If this describes you, I’m here to help.

Here is how with my help your life can transform. Here is my mission:

-Empowering women to rewrite their story so they can redesign their life.

-Empowering women from within so they can redefine themselves in their relationships

-Helping women to recover from the setback and overcome adversity, so they can redefine their relationships at work and at home

Is this what you need right now? Book a free strategy session and let’s take the first step towards that transformation. 

Empowerment Coaching

Empowerment Coaching

For me, empowerment is about defining your own success, building fulfilling relationships and creating financial freedom

That’s why I joined Beautycounter. Beautycounter is committed to truth, transparency and excellence.

Empowerment to look my best, feel my best and show up in an authentic, confident way.

Empowerment to express myself freely and confidently.

Empowerment to connect and inspire women who struggle with stress-related skin conditions without hope of having inflammation and exema-free life.

These are my WHYs, this is what brought me here and this is why I want you to feel empowered and free. Today.


Empowerment to me is also a chance to represent a company which values are aligned with true transparency, excellence, and social responsibility. Beautycounter believes cleaner, better beauty begins with telling you what’s in these products.

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For decades, we’ve trusted the beauty industry to have our best interests in mind. It doesn’t. Beauticounter products are results-driven. No excuses. This is skincare held to the highest standard of safety.

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On a mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone, Beautycounter is committed to health and safety standards that go well beyond what’s required by U.S. law. Join the team today.

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